Stefan Leitner Photography


The Barbershop / Graz – Austria


The idea behind this project was to show a whole room in a 2-dimensional way without using a classic 360° panorama shot. The solution was to stitch three different camera angles into one continuous background. By putting the protagonists in a separate layer in front, the image achieves a more harmonious look even though it‘s based on three separate total perspective views. Despite the detailed character of the scene I tried to set the focus clearly onto the people - given it’s a composite image made up of different perspectives. A complex light setup was key to create this effect. This setup got changed for every shot to guarantee the illusion of a homogenous light direction throughout the image.

Moods of the shop


Client: Duke Johns Barbershop

Photography / Concept: Stefan Leitner Photography

Light: Jakob Slavicek – Lichtwerk

MakingOf / Light assistant: Martin Reicht – Fruit Media

MakingOf Edit: Jann Doll – Horizonfilms

MakeUp: Andrea Malessardi


Alex Prasser

Stefan Sagmeister

Philipp Spieler


Stefan Barowitsch

Markus Mogg

Erich Mojschewitz

Paul Lässer

Helmut Rebernigg

Nobuo Watanabe

Helping hands:

Martina Sperl, Geri Fuchs, Tommy Tuscher, 

Manuel Schaffernak, Erwin Hauser, Pietro Massa,

Thomas Pokorn, Mario Hainzl, Phillo - Der Käsegeneral

Tropicante / Shake Shaka / Una Cerveza, por favor