Stefan Leitner Photography

Roastery Chic

Fashion in desolation

What is my position?

“What is my position?” As a fashion enthusiast, designer, consumer, as a human being in a world where beauty and fashion have burgeoned into an unstoppable industry fueling capitalism, we confront ourselves with a pressing query: “What Now?!” How much should we own, and how can we enact change? For society, the climate, and the mental health of the next generation. How can we infuse fashion with meaning once more and relish it without a pang of guilt—pondering where it was produced, whether it was greenwashed, if animals or people suffer or perish due to our choice of adornment?

In the echoing halls of the once vibrant HORNIG Roastery, Together with Flare Talents and Emil Srkalovic we crafted a Photo Editorial using solely materials as garments. Within an empty roastery, the dystopian ambiance serves as the perfect backdrop for fashion in desolation—disconnected from fashion yet still tethered to the stark reality of the industry. Emil Srkalovic’s Sculptural Installation unveils the metamorphosis from fashion to refuse—the often unsightly truth lurking behind shimmering garments.

We aspire for the world to revel in fashion, yet responsibly.


Roastery Chic Design Monat Graz


Design Monat Graz


May 2024

Concept & Creative direction:

Adi Lozancic (Flare Talents)

Stefan Leitner

Artwork: Emil Srkalovic

Hair & MakeUp:

Marietta Dang


Nur Hellmann (Guest) *thanks for being there

Olha Dudka (Flare Models)

Timo Reitbauer (Flare Models)

Marcel Hofer (Flare Models)


Gerfried Guggi (Tropic Orange)

Set assistents:

Dagmar Scheiber (Studio Hell)

Eva-Maria Leitner

Maximilian Pfeiler

Production support:

Mina Löscher (Flare Talents)


Jost Werbetechnik

Exhibition venue:

Design Monat Graz / Hornig area

Exhibition responsible:

Mag. Eberhard Schrempf / Thomas Perz